When Coaches Need Coaching

Being in business with someone is a bit like being married, or being in a long term relationship. The marriage not only creates much more than the individual, it also brings new dynamics, stresses, opportunities and challenges that were not there before.

In marriage there are children, a house and life together. In business there is the building of a company there are employees, a business and systems/policies and procedures. What is created is larger than the founders/owners.

Enter the role of the coach. Before marriage each individual gets themselves sorted out (perhaps seeing a counsellor or a psychologist) but then they marry. The help they had before assisted them each to be whole, but now their relationship brings together a whole new range of issues. Eventually they may well need relationship counselling, marriage support or enrichment.

I have always had mentors – older men and women who might not have expertise in my field, but they know me, and can call me to account. They have been friends, or they have sat on the board of organisations I lead. But I found myself this week reaching out to a business coach (Ross Sutherland). Nine months ago Jaemin and I joined forces in business. Six months ago Jaemin went on long service leave. This week we have begun previewing our plans for 2013 and we found ourselves needing outside advice – both for the corporation and for ourselves as owners.

I guess it’s an example of smoking what you sell (we are after all a coaching company). All good restauranteurs should eat out at other establishments, and experience other chefs.