Top 9 Things to Consider About Coach Training

Build yourself a shark net!

Choosing a coach training provider can be fraught with danger. The waters are full of sharks: dodgy suppliers and non-accredited coach trainers. This is a big investment of time, energy and finances so getting it right is really important. What can you do to carefully select the right provider?

We’ve put together our top nine tips – the things we think you should keep in mind when choosing a coach training provider.

  • Integrity – you want your training provider to under promise and over deliver. For example, you’re not going to be a millionaire at the end of this training! Only you can fulfill your dreams, not a coach training academy.
  • Fidelity – do they smoke what they sell? Are you dealing with experienced and practicing coaches training coaches, or are you dealing with trainers and educators. Great coaches embody the coaching principles. Think about whether they are mining or selling shovels.
  •  Authenticity – what does your hype-o-meter say? Going to a motivational seminar can be a real shot in the arm. They have their place, but the last thing you want from your coach training is a huge sugar hit, then a big come down after you’ve blown your money. Are they offering something real?
  • Beauty – science has learned that effective formulas are simple, elegant and beautiful. Will the coach training provider give you practical tips, techniques and tools for genuine transformation? Avoid programs with a heavy reliance on complicated models and theories.
  • Quality – is the training evidence based and research backed… not just someone’s opinion. Coach training is full of pet theories and client testimonies. Watch out for organisations that are too heavily testimonial oriented and short on fact.
  • Focus – is it relevant to your desired outcomes (i.e. you want to go coach teenagers, businesses or work with ADHD sufferers) or is it full of generic and largely irrelevant hamburger helper?
  • Transparency – does the organisation tell you exactly what you going to get? Not just the first step, but the entire process. Do they also show you the kind of outcomes that their graduates have achieved – not the superstar 1% high achievers, but your average graduate?
  • Accreditation – There is an awful lot of training out there that has merit and value, but the organisation has not gone through the rigour of industry testing and peer review. Look for training that is ICF (ACSTH or ACTP) or equivalent.
  • Community – Many training institutes love you while you are with them and paying, but what about when you are alumni? Do you have access to mentors after you’ve finished the course? Will they help you get your accreditation? Do they have an ongoing mentor program that will help you establish your coaching business?

There are probably some other aspects worth looking at – let us know what you think of this list, and any other points you think could be helpful in the comments section below.

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