The Word Power

If the most common complaint people have is hopelessness, helplessness runs a close second. Helplessness comes from feeling completely disempowered. It always fascinates me how many grown adults live very disempowered lives. It seems commonplace for people to give all their power away to others and feel helpless and completely unable to control the life circumstances. There is always a payoff for giving away our power otherwise we just wouldn’t be that silly. Often it is so people will like us. We will refrain from hurting or offending others by saying what we are thinking. The problem is that we absorb the pain and hurt ourselves instead.

The key is to take our power back. Power comes when we take responsibility for our own stuff and our own results. The results we are getting are always ours to own rather than the fault and responsibility of others. We have the power over our emotional state when we take responsibility for our responses and what we are focusing on. Stop giving the power away to others to determine how you feel.

We have power over our relationships when we take responsibility for the fact that we are constantly training others how to treat us by what we allow and deny. Stop blaming others for their selfishness and poor behaviour. If you don’t like the way you are being treated, train people to treat you differently. We have power over our future results when we take responsibility for our past results. Stop being held back by blame excuses and “woulda”, “shoulda”, “coulda’s”. Realise that every passing moment is another chance to turn it all around. There is no reason to remain in a state of helplessness. The key is to take our power back by stepping up and taking responsibility for our lives.