The Top 5 Questions we get asked about Becoming a Neurocoach

By Dr. Mark Setch, Director of Training, Neurocoaching Australia As I respond to enquiries about our International Coaching Federation accredited coach training, I answer a lot of questions, and some of these questions surface more regularly than others. I am going to address the top 5 questions that I’m asked. Here we go:

QUESTION ONE: What is Neurocoaching?

Great question. Neurocoaching recognises, values and integrates modern neuroscience within the coaching process. Neurocoaching avoids the mind/body split, understanding that we are one whole being: mind, body, emotions and spirit. This is because “neuro” is not simply a brain-based thing, but a whole of person. Professionally trained Neurocoaches operate from a transformational coaching mindset and skill-base, equipped to coach the whole person.

QUESTION TWO: How long does it take to become a Neurocoach?

As coaches we are always learning and always developing. At Neurocoaching Australia we encourage those who train with us to begin coaching after completing our first two modules.  At the conclusion of the second module, we assess your coaching to ensure you are coaching at the base level required by the International Coaching Federation. So, in less than 6 months from commencing your training, you can be coaching. Sure, there is more you will learn, and your coaching skills will develop, and you’ll need to complete our third module before you can apply for your ICF credential, but you will develop confidence as a coach when you get out there and start doing the stuff.

QUESTION THREE: What steps are required to become a neurocooach?

Enroll in our first two modules of training – Neurocoaching Foundations and Neurocoaching in Practice.  As the name suggests in the second module you get to practice coaching on others in the class with feedback from experienced mentor coaches. There are NO prerequisites for this training.  Regardless of your background and level of education, you will be welcomed into our training and supported throughout.

QUESTION FOUR: Can I make a living as a coach?

YES, absolutely. Coaching is one of the fastest growing industries globally, as more and more people realise the value of coaching. It’s important to remember that not everyone who trains to be a coach wants to start their own coaching practice.  Some use their coaching skills with their workplaces and leadership teams. However, those that do commence their own coaching practices do make a living – like any small business it takes time, persistence, focus and energy.  However, if you desire it, you will achieve it.

FINAL QUESTION: Do I really need to get credentialled with the ICF?

Yes. Why? Because coaching is not as yet regulated, and that means that there are people out there who are good at marketing themselves, but don’t invest in good quality coach training and thus give the industry a bad name. More and more people and organisations are recognising this, and an ICF credential is your proof that you have undertaken credible coach training and are equipped to coach.   Download our training course brochure here  and please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions: