The Millionaire Mindset with Siimon Reynolds

Make the jump into success hyperspace! Entrepreneur Siimon Reynolds has done it again and again, and in this interview he shares the way up. Developing the millionaire mindset is all about daily and weekly habits, rituals and practices for success.

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Episode 25 – Siimon Reynolds

Title: “The Millionaire Mindset – growing your business”

Broadcast date: 25 April, 2014

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(49:16 minutes)

  3. (the Photon Group)
  5. Dr Maxwell Maltz wrote “Psycho cybernetics
  6. George Akerlof and Rachel Kranton wrote “Identity Economics
  7. Brian Tracy wrote “Goals! How to get everything you ever wanted
  8. Steve Hardison
  9. Napoleon Hill wrote “Think and Grow Rich
  10. Why People Fail” by Siimon Reynolds.
  11. Tom Wrath at Gallup – fewer close relationships, larger network
  12. Atlasian Tom Brooks “we didn’t get into this to make money.”