The Importance Of Being Flexible

It’s important to stay flexible. Plans change, business is in flux, scheduled meetings move, flights get delayed, your web site crashes. Go with the flow, otherwise your blood pressure can rise to dangerous levels. This was reinforced to me over the weekend again and again. For example, I had a 3 o’clock meeting with David, a CEO who has been reading my book “A Balancing Act” and wants to take our conversation further… but he had to skip to Canberra for a senate inquiry. So we rescheduled to next week.

We had training scheduled for five people in Logan, to go over the POWER coaching system. Only three of the coaches could come, one cancelling on the day. As a result of the reduced numbers we had very effective training, but also had to cancel a regional gathering of coaches in Queensland. Take it in your stride Rob, honestly mate, calm down and smile. Dinner with Ben and Naomi Saturday night was a highlight, and I was not deterred by the blotchy crayons (which kept snapping) and the paper to draw on (for the kids presumably, but hey we liked doodling!).

Out to breakfast at the lighthouse restaurant, on Raby Bay overlooking Moreton Island. Phil, Jani and their daughter Nat (an intern psychologist doing work in prisons). Lunch at Sizzlers with Phil and Jeanette and another lesson on being flexible. They regaled us with the story of their son, who has recently been in a motorbike accident (in Sydney) resulting in their both traveling to and fro for six weeks whilst he is in hospital. Phil graciously dropped me to the airport, I boarded the plane, only to be deplaned and delayed two hours after a generator failure (better safe than dead hey?) and an overnight in Canberra. Breathe… just breathe!