The History And Use Of NLP In Coaching With Chris Collingwood

Why is Neuro Linguistic Programming still so popular among life coaches, and what makes it work? We discuss NLP with Australia’s leading NLP trainer about New Code NLP and going back to the roots of this practice.

Episode 4 – Chris Collingwood, Inspiritive

Title: “Neuro Linguistic Programming. The history and use of NLP in coaching.”

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Show notes (60 minutes)

  1. Inspiritive
  2. John Grinder – co-founder of NLP
  3. Richard Bandler – co-founder of NLP
  4. “Whispering in the wind” by John Grinder
  5. New Code NLP, Judith DeLozier, and Carmen Bostic St. Clair.
  6. The NLP field guide – kindle $9.95
  7. TED video Amy Cuddy – social