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Jul 02

Relationship Coaching & Sex Therapy with Jacqueline Hellyer

By Robert Holmes | podcast

We talk about our finances, we talk about our diets, we even talk about our sicknesses with friends and family. But one topic remains taboo, our sex lives. Who goes to get relationship coaching & sex therapy when trouble sets in, or head off for a marriage counselling weekend? Jacqueline Hellyer takes on the toughest topic and brings sex into the light. In this interview we also discuss the effect pornography has on relationships and expanding the way we think about sex. I think by the end of this interview you will agree that relationship coaching & sex therapy go together – even if you are not an expert in the field. At least we can be a little less squeamish about it.

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Jun 30

Brain Gender and Relationship Coaching

By Sue Hefren | coaching

If you follow our blog you may have seen a recent Coach Mentor Podcast episode where the host, Robert Holmes was guest interviewed by Relationship and Celebrity Coach, Patrick Wanis about the neurological differences between men’s and women’s brains. These differences have significant implications for relationships because it affects the way men and women experience […]

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Jun 06

Relationship Coaching: men and women are different – Robert Holmes

By Robert Holmes | emotions

Why do men and women seem to go through life, experiences, communication and even arguments differently? Part of the answer lies in the way our brains are constructed. Relationship and Celebrity Coach, Patrick Wanis plays guest host for this week’s interview as he and I discuss the implications for brain research indicating that male and female brains are in some ways quite different. He also asks me about the recent Relationship Retreat we had with 13 couples.

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Apr 16

Staying Strong Through Relational Meltdown

By Robert Holmes | Life Coaching

Going through a tough time in a key relationship? Watch this 30 minute video on staying strong through a melt down http://youtu.be/oFmQYem2MqA. Covers how to strengthen you up, how to communicate more effectively and how to stay sane through the tough times. Seminar sponsored by LifeLine, Frazer Holmes Coaching and CK Image consulting. Download the […]

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