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Jan 29

Neuroscience in Coaching with Pieter Rossouw

By Robert Holmes | podcast

Neuroscience in coaching simply means taking the study of the brain and using it in coaching practice. Who better to talk to than a neuroscientist focusing on the efficacy of coaching – which he calls one of the “talking therapies”. Dr Pieter Rossouw served Nelson Mandela in bringing healing to the traumatised nation of South Africa. He says “Talking Therapies” are the bomb when it comes to helping people change their brains – neuroplasticity.

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Jan 12

Brain Hacking

By Robert Holmes | business coaching

Why do coaches excel at brain hacking? In this article, written for Choice Magazine, Robert unveils the most recent research from the University of Queensland department of Neuropsychotherapy on “talking therapies” and how they work on neuroplasticity. Check out the published article in .pdf format here

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