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Jan 29

Neuroscience in Coaching with Pieter Rossouw

By Robert Holmes | podcast

Neuroscience in coaching simply means taking the study of the brain and using it in coaching practice. Who better to talk to than a neuroscientist focusing on the efficacy of coaching – which he calls one of the “talking therapies”. Dr Pieter Rossouw served Nelson Mandela in bringing healing to the traumatised nation of South Africa. He says “Talking Therapies” are the bomb when it comes to helping people change their brains – neuroplasticity.

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Nov 06

Neurocoaching models with Robert Holmes

By Robert Holmes | podcast

Neurocoaching is an emerging field where the discoveries of neuroscience are interpreted and applied for use by coaches for their clients. In this podcast Grant Soosalu from the mBraining institute interviews our very own Neurocoach Robert Holmes on the various brain systems and their high degree of interconnectedness. The explore the way theories have been divisive and search for integrative approaches that deal with state and offer choice.

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Jul 08

12 Simple Ways to Change Your State

By Robert Holmes | coaching

“We are not offering a treatment plan or a therapy. We are offering options, choice and the possibility of planning a different future” Dr. Ian Snape, on the Nature of Coaching In today’s wellness focused environment we see more working together between medical doctors, psychologists and life coaches. And that’s great. I have a client, […]

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May 28

The New Science of Neurocoaching

By Robert Holmes | business coaching

Four years ago executives around the world were asked by Sherpa Coaching about what sort of background they thought would be helpful for a coach. Psychology and counselling came in as least desirable on the list. However this year’s Executive Survey (2014) by the same firm found that neuroscience has topped the field of desirable […]

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