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Aug 08

3 Course Buffett Lunch – yummy!

By Robert Holmes | business

I’ve been dining on a sumptuous “Buffett” lunch (yes you wordophiles, I misspelled that on purpose :-0). The book “The Real Warren Buffett” is a winner in my opinion. Warren is the fourth wealthiest man on the planet and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, the giant conglomerate of investment, banking, insurance and other diverse business interests. […]

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Jun 19

Grow Your Coaching Business with Chris Taylor

By Robert Holmes | business

Grow your business and maintain your freedom to travel, live where you want and have staff all over the world! All this and more is totally possible. Chris Taylor’s consulting and coaching business is in 8 nations and he says, “With technology, it’s easier to be global than a local coach nowadays.” Find out how in this amazing interview with the founder of Actionable Books, talking to us from a cave in Spain!

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Nov 13

Cognitive Load with John Sweller

By Robert Holmes | business coaching

Your working memory can only handle 3 or 4 pieces of information at a time. This single idea has wide reaching implications for coaching, training, education and preparation of powerpoints.

Listen to Professor John Sweller, author of Cognitive Load Theory discuss how memory works and how to improve it in this interview with Robert Holmes.

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