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Jul 04

Weight! Watch Your Mouth

By michellefreebody | coaching

When I tell you that your mouth and your weight are directly linked I bet you probably think I am stating the obvious. In fact, you may even feel a little offended. Either way, my guess is that you have assumed that I am referring to the impact of the food you are eating. While […]

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Jun 12

Inner Narrative the Key to Destiny

By Robert Holmes | emotions

I’ve been reading a number of books on crime, psychology and forensics recently. Pat Brown wrote an excellent introduction to Criminal Profiling (not for the faint hearted). Maria Konnikova wrote an engaging dissertation on How to think like Sherlock. Jon Ronson wrote an absolutely hilarious book about the Psychopath test (developed by Bob Hare)… and […]

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May 28

The New Science of Neurocoaching

By Robert Holmes | business coaching

Four years ago executives around the world were asked by Sherpa Coaching about what sort of background they thought would be helpful for a coach. Psychology and counselling came in as least desirable on the list. However this year’s Executive Survey (2014) by the same firm found that neuroscience has topped the field of desirable […]

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