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Oct 16

The Coaching Frame with Jaemin Frazer

By Robert Holmes | podcast

Coaching borrows the best stuff from psychology, social work, facilitation, teaching and neuroscience. But the way coaching packages it up (the coaching frame) is both totally unique and much more empowering. Coaches can be empowered by the way they use the coaching frame in a conversation. It permissions them for confrontation, forward momentum and deep […]

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Jun 19

Grow Your Coaching Business with Chris Taylor

By Robert Holmes | business

Grow your business and maintain your freedom to travel, live where you want and have staff all over the world! All this and more is totally possible. Chris Taylor’s consulting and coaching business is in 8 nations and he says, “With technology, it’s easier to be global than a local coach nowadays.” Find out how in this amazing interview with the founder of Actionable Books, talking to us from a cave in Spain!

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Jun 06

Relationship Coaching: men and women are different – Robert Holmes

By Robert Holmes | emotions

Why do men and women seem to go through life, experiences, communication and even arguments differently? Part of the answer lies in the way our brains are constructed. Relationship and Celebrity Coach, Patrick Wanis plays guest host for this week’s interview as he and I discuss the implications for brain research indicating that male and female brains are in some ways quite different. He also asks me about the recent Relationship Retreat we had with 13 couples.

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May 22

From Youth Worker to Life Coach!

By michellefreebody | business coaching

Matt Waldron has been a personal leadership coach for over 15 years. He has worked in a variety of executive leadership, program management and frontline case worker roles within the community service, whilst simultaneously building his private coaching business, SHIFT Life Coaching. Matt’s passion is to inspire, empower and equip people to unlock their potential […]

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May 19

Why I love Being an Entrepreneur

By Robert Holmes | business

People all have different reasons for starting their own business. Some of them do is for lifestyle – they want to get out of the nine to five grind. Some people want control back, they want to go solo and be at large and in charge. Whilst my business gives me great life style benefits, […]

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May 09

How Much are Coaches Making?

By Robert Holmes | business

Just exactly how much are coaches making? How long does it usually take to reach your target income as a coach? Are all categories the same? How much do your competitors charge for their services? Benchmark yourself against the 2014 income, fees and session numbers in this fabulous and easy to understand infographic.

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Apr 16

Staying Strong Through Relational Meltdown

By Robert Holmes | Life Coaching

Going through a tough time in a key relationship? Watch this 30 minute video on staying strong through a melt down http://youtu.be/oFmQYem2MqA. Covers how to strengthen you up, how to communicate more effectively and how to stay sane through the tough times. Seminar sponsored by LifeLine, Frazer Holmes Coaching and CK Image consulting. Download the […]

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Mar 24

Dragon in Politics

By Robert Holmes | business

I met with my dragon business mentor recently, right after he had been interviewed by the Australian newspaper and then done a spot on National TV. I wondered what he was doing that for, apart from the PR grandstand opportunity (and getting his company seen). It was a lot more compelling than that, as I […]

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Nov 13

Cognitive Load with John Sweller

By Robert Holmes | business coaching

Your working memory can only handle 3 or 4 pieces of information at a time. This single idea has wide reaching implications for coaching, training, education and preparation of powerpoints.

Listen to Professor John Sweller, author of Cognitive Load Theory discuss how memory works and how to improve it in this interview with Robert Holmes.

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