Self Change and the Brain with Dr. John Arden

Self change is something that should be available to all, rich and poor, young and old all need self change. But the realm of coaching is often only for the rich. John Arden has changed all that by taking his form of coaching psychotherapy, using the brain, to the poorest and most oppressed on the planet. He has taken self change to Syria, to European refugees, sex slaves and victims of trauma and terrorism. In this podcast John Arden, author of more than 12 books, talks to us about brain science and self change – often accomplished with little professional intervention.

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Episode 62 – John Arden – Kaiser Permanente

Title: “Self Change and the Brain”

Broadcast date: 7th February, 2016

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(49:21 length)

  1. Dr Louis Cozolino, PhD – the Neuroscience of Psychotherapy
  2. Dr Daniel Siegel, MD – director of clinical psychiatry
  3. Jorge Aroche heads up STARTTS
  4. Naomi Halpern is the lead candidate for Victorian Senate
  5. Kent Kiehl is the author of “The Psychopath Whisperer”
  6. Bessel van der Kolk, MD wrote “The Body Keeps the Score”
  7. All of Dr John Arden’s books are available at