Research in Coaching – Paul Lawrence

Goals don’t care who has them, and they live a secret life of changing and morphing. Listen to Paul Lawrence, head of the Centre for Systemic Change and head researcher for WhyteCo. Research is giving us evidence to base our coaching claims on.

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Episode 23 – Paul Lawrence, Whyteco

Title: “Research in the Coaching Industry and the secret life of goals”

Broadcast date: 21 March, 2014

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(43:07 minutes)

  1. Whyteco send Paul an email
  2. CSC
  3. Michael Kavanagh and Tony Grant – Sydney University department of coaching psychology
  4. “Basics of Qualitative Research: Techniques and Procedures for Developing Grounded Theory” (2008) by Corbin and Strauss
  5. “Coaching, Mentoring and Organizational Consultancy: Supervision and Development” (2006) by Peter Hawkins