The Psychology of Money with Robert Holmes

The gap between rich and poor is increasing; greed and selfishness seem pervasive in our culture. Why does money seem to slip through our hands? We want it, we love it, we need it but our relationship seems so abusive! When people get a lot of it, we are disgusted. In this discussion, Robert Gerrish from our friends at Flying Solo interviews our very own Dr. Robert Holmes to dig down into the psychology of money. Why are these things true and more importantly, how can we deal with the psychology of money? What coaching tips does Robert have for us to help with handling money better.

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Episode 61 – Robert Holmes – Frazer Holmes Coaching

Title: “The Psychology of Money”

Broadcast date: 31st December, 2015

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(45:22 length)

  1. Ethan killed four people in Texas
  2. Tversky and Kahneman Choices, Values and Frames – 1984
  3. Research by the Spectrem Group (2008)
  4. Read a copy of Robert’s article “The Psychology of Money