Professional Neurocoaching Course

Accredited by the International Coaching Federation

Commencing 17th May 2021

“Life is for living not just surviving... discover proven tools and skills for getting more out of life!” 

From a past student:

"Working as a life coach, I'm often reminded how wonderfully complex the human mind is. Through my years of coaching, I have learned to trust in the incredibly effective foundational coaching process, yet I'm also acutely aware that there still is, and always will be a lot more for me to discover! 

Neurocoaching Australia's Professional Coaching Training provided the ideal opportunity to deepen my skill set and broaden my knowledge of the coaching tools. This interactive course exceeded all my expectations and highlighted again how much more there is to learn! 

I highly recommend this course for any certified coach wanting to go deeper and wider in their own personal development journey, as well as their ability to serve their clients better."

Kathryn Wiseman PCC

Professional Neurocoaching  Alumni

Currently a successful professional Neurocoach

We understand the desire to help people and we want to share the journey with you.

Join a community of passionate and inspiring people. We are parents , managers, teachers, nurses, psychologists, pastors, social workers who love helping others get more out of life!

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  • Overview of the full coach training program 
  • ICF accredited training hours
  • Pricing 

Course content

What you will learn:

  • Advanced neurocoaching techniques, strategies and principles
  • Underlying Neuroscience theory 
  • A deeper understanding of the non-conscious mind
  • State management
  • Process-oriented coaching
  • Content free coaching skills
  • Emotion management
  • Body language.

This course will give you

  • 46 ICF Accredited Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH), plus an additional 5 ACSTH if post course assessment completed.
    • (Neurocoaching Australia students will receive an ICF ACTP Certificate when all assessment completed).
  • Regular practice and ongoing feedback from a  PCC or MCC Coach

  • Inspiration to pursue your own journey of personal development

  • Valuable opportunities to connect with other people who are passionate about personal development and transformational change

About the course

  • Entry requirements:
    • Either (a)  have completed up to and including Practitioner Neurocoaching with Neurocoaching Australia; or
    • (b) have completed other ICF accredited training and hold either an ACC or PCC credential.
  • When: Monday 17th May 2021
  • Time commitment: 3 hours/week  on Monday evenings plus a Saturday
  • Duration: 12 weeks
  • Format: Online  

Who is this course for?

  • Coaches ready to become a Professional Certified Coach
  • Professional Certified Coaches ready to renew credentials
  • Professional Certified Coaches ready to work towards the Master Certified Coach certification.

We have trained all sorts of people from every kind of background.  The skills you learn on this ICF  accredited course can be powerfully deployed anywhere people are: teaching, nursing, sport, child care, parenting, business, leadership, psychology, military service, policing.

This course is backed by neuroscientific research.

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Commencing 17th May 2021

Course fee: $4,095

(payment plans available)

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