Personality and Parenting with Tracy Tresidder

At last a personality model applied to self, relationships and parenting! Relationship Coach Tracy Tresidder takes the enneagram, unpacking the nine personality types and explaining how those types carry strengths, challenges and growth areas for relationships and parenting.

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Episode 37 – Tracy Tresidder, Coaching 4 Teens

Title: “Personality and Parenting with Tracy Tresidder”

Broadcast date: 10th October, 2014

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(55:58 minutes)

  1. A copy of the Enneagram diagram
  2. Becoming a Certified Coach – Tracy’s first interview Coach Mentor Podcast – Episode 3
  3. Three brains: head, heart and gut, Coach Mentor Podcast – Episode 8 Grant Soosulu
  4. Dan Siegel is doing some research on the neuroscience of interpersonal relationships.
  5. Lucille Greeff and Dirk Cloete
  6. Richard Rohr
  7. Ginger Lapid-Bogda
  8. Order the book
  9. The book and resources website
  10. Elizabeth Wagele has written a range of helpful books on personality types and parenting such as “The Enneagram for Teens” and “Finding the Birthday Cake”
  11. “Coaching with the Enneagram” 5-day certificate program being held in Melbourne 15-19 June 2015 with Ginger Lapid-Bogda Download Flyer