Neuroplasticity with Jeff Schwartz and Josie Thomson

Your brain can learn and go on learning, change, adapt and grow. Neuroplasticity can be a friend or foe, but breaking bad habits and upgrading takes some work – especially coaching.

Listen to leading neurologist Jeff Schwartz and Master Coach Josie Thomson discuss this valuable subject with Robert Holmes.

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Episode 17 – Jeffrey Schwartz & Josie Thopmson

Title: “Neuroplasticity in Coaching – You are not your brain”

Broadcast date: 20 December, 2013
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(44:00 minutes)

  1. Accelerate Excel
  2. Jeffrey Schwartz
  3. You are not your brain – the book
  4. Redesign my brain (ABC)
  5. Dr. Michael Merzenich’s book “Soft-Wired. How the New Science of Brain Plasticity Can Change Your Life”
  6. David Rock, the Neuro Leadership Institute
  7. Art Kleiner – the neuroscience of leadership, magazine strategy and business
  8. The SCARF model
  9. Joe Grantham Deakin University.

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