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Here’s how Neurocoaching can help you

A lack of purpose or general apathy can lead to poor mental health, damaged relationships and a stall in your career development. Our coaches help you find yourself again and spark renewed purpose and joy for life.

How Neurocoaching can help you

Neurocoaching isn’t standard life coaching.   Neurocoaching is a powerful combination of proven life coaching techniques underpinned by the principles of neuroscience leading to a supercharged personal transformation

Neurocoaching brings together mind, body and spirit and, utilising neuroscience, neuropsychology, cognitive neuroplasticity, and other expressions of behavioural science.

Through relational and focused coaching conversations, you will gain awareness of the non-conscious parts of your brain that may be sabotaging your attempts to evolve into the best version of yourself.

Our powerhouse Neurocoaching techniques encourage the growth of new neural pathways in your brain that lead to you breaking new ground in your life – more than you could ever imagine.

Unlike standard life coaching techniques that may identify how you might like to change, Neurocoaching will not only identify the change/s you would like to see but it will enable you to implement change that gathers long lasting, deep-rooted significant momentum that will lead you to where you desire to be in life.  This is because Neurocoaching leverages the workings of your brain using proven neuroscientific techniques.

When you engage Neurocoaching Australia for Neurocoaching, you will not be led through a standard program. Instead, the coach will listen to you and partner with you in tailoring a coaching approach that will attain the results you are looking for. This may include:

This may include:

  • clarity on personal vision/purpose – a journey of self-discovery
  • awareness of obstacles or blockages and how to address these

  • aligning your personal beliefs/self-talk with your dreams and goals
  • resourceful tools to manage your state (emotional regulation)
  • and so much more!

Your coach will partner with you in deciding when and how often to meet for coaching sessions to begin to address the goals and outcomes from coaching that you have identified.

Each person’s Neurocoaching journey will differ and be unique to them. To discuss how your transformational coaching might look, get in touch for a friendly no-obligation chat about how we can work together.

Why would I engage a Neurocoach?

People from a diverse range of background engage Neurocoaching Australia to work together to bring about deep transformational change in their personal and professional lives.  We have coached:

People who feel stuck in their lives and know they’re capable of so much more but can’t break out of old patterns that hold them back

Leaders in corporate, not-for-profit, and small business settings

People who have suffered a relationship breakdown and seeking to rebuild themselves better than ever before

Professional athletes looking to push their limits

Military personnel who have sought greater mental toughness and resilience

Education and community services professionals who seek to make a greater impact on those they teach and guide everyday.

No matter where you are in your life, we will meet you there and walk together with you to the place you desire to be.

Is Neurocoaching for you?

Neurocoaching is for you if you:

  • Desire to supercharge your performance: sport/career/personal life.
  • Have experienced a relationship breakdown and would like to rise from the ashes bigger and better than before
  • Are experiencing a ‘mid-life wake-up’ and struggling to identify and take the steps needed to achieve your greatest purpose
  • Desire to be a more impactful leader/manager
  • Feel lost in life
  • Would like to overcome ongoing personal blocks and finally live to your full potential.

What happens when you engage a Neurocoach

When you decide to take that step to being the best version of yourself and engage a Neurocoach, we will work with you to:

  • Have a relaxed chat to get to know each other
  • Understand where you would like to be in your life
  • Schedule times to meet that fit with you
  • Meet weekly or fortnightly for a number of weeks (duration of coaching sessions will depend on your goals)
  • Include regular check-ins on progress to ensure that the direction of coaching is working for you, and make changes as needed.

I’m ready for transformation!

You’re ready to take life by the horns and be where you know you can be?  Great! We’re excited to meet you.

Get in touch with us here.  We look forward to getting to know you and walking alongside you on your journey of deep personal transformation.

Why would I engage a Neurocoach?

People engage a Neurocoach for a wide range of reasons ranging from wanting to explore their full potential, reacquainting themselves with who they truly are after a relationship breakdown, to wanting to break through personal limits and become the very best version of themselves.

Whatever the reason, no matter where you find yourself in life, we’ll meet you there.

If you’re ready to overcome negative blocks in your life and explore fulfilling your true potential, get in touch.


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Neurocoaching FAQs

First and foremost we are a personal development company. We are ready to walk with you on your journey but it will require you to apply your own learning. We have coached all sorts of people from every kind of background. To get the outcomes you want you just need to be ready for change.

It’s probably not for you if you’re in serious financial hardship either. We have plenty of free content at our site including blogs and videos that you can get your teeth into in the meantime.

Coaching is a relationship, a series of conversations between two peers. Coaches are not your counsellor or therapist. They are not there to give you counsel or advice, but rather to explore issues, ask insightful and challenging questions, offer their observations and insight and then help you come up with outcomes, actions and change as you’re ready.

When you work with a Neurocoaching Australia coach we will generally start with either six sessions (which are 45-60 minutes long), or unlimited sessions over 2 months. We’re not big on codependent relationships, so we review regularly to make sure you’re getting what you expected. That having been said, where appropriate, we do develop longer term relationships with people, companies and other organisations and to walk with them through more complex change.

All Neurocoaching Australia coaches are trained according to the principles and guidelines of the International Coach Federation (ICF). They are members of the ICF, held to their professional standards and will either be Associate, Professional or Master certified. This means they have been reviewed by the largest coach governing body in the world, with 15,000 members.

  1. Industry recognition by business and government bodies.
  2. Assurance that your coach works to an international standard.
  3. Confidence that your coach has ethical standards.

A coach who has been credentialed by the ICF has completed stringent education and experience requirements and has demonstrated a strong commitment to excellence in coaching. Certification from the ICF is extremely important when considering which coach to hire.

It means the coach:

  • Has received professional training from a program specifically designed to teach coaching skills in alignment with the ICF Core Competencies and Code of Ethics
  • Has demonstrated a proficient understanding and use of the coaching competencies as outlined by the ICF
  • Is accountable to the ethics and standards set forth by the ICF

Coaching is very versatile. Our coaches meet with clients almost everywhere you can meet people: cafes, restaurants, boardrooms… anywhere we can get some privacy and speak honestly. One of our coaches just loves to walk with their clients side by side for an hour over lunch! After the first couple of meetings you may choose to use phone, skype or google+ hangouts as alternative.

The coach you choose will really depend on three things: the specifics of your need, the expertise it requires and the price you are willing to pay for your breakthrough. Any coach that you engage through us will have been trained in the art and science of coaching to our industry leading standards and will be quality assured by us.

If you are seeking specialised coaching or want rapid breakthrough, we would recommend you engage one of our senior coaches. If you are seeking true master coach you will most likely want to access one of the partners of our firm.

If, on the off chance, you are initially matched to a coach that just does not feel like a good fit for you, we are happy to work with you to find a coach that is a better fit for your need.

Yes, from time to time an organisation will want to have a team of coaches come in to work on organisational development, resilience building, team transition or performance management. Companies may wish to have a business coach take a CEO through board management skills development, or a public speaker may wish to engage their coach for six months not two. Each of these would be customised to your needs, and developed by a Senior Coach or Partner.

Yes, indeed we do. If you can’t raise the money right away, you can pay it off over the life of the coaching using our direct debit facility. You will be sent more information about this option when you sign up.

No stress. We offer you a 100% money back guarantee.

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