Neurocoaching models with Robert Holmes

Neurocoaching is an emerging field where the discoveries of neuroscience are interpreted and applied for use by coaches for their clients. In this podcast Grant Soosalu from the mBraining institute interviews our very own Neurocoach Robert Holmes on the various brain systems and their high degree of interconnectedness. The explore the way theories have been divisive and search for integrative approaches that deal with state and offer choice.

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Episode 39 – Robert Holmes, Frazer Holmes Coaching

Title: “Neurocoaching models – three brains revisited”

Broadcast date: 7th November, 2014

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(57:37 minutes)

2. Grant Soosalu
3. Paul Maclean “Triune Brain in Evolution” (1990) – for which he came under criticism
4. The theory is being used in Mark Goulston’s book “Just Listen” – in the Oh Crap to OK technique, and in Oren Klaff’s book “Pitch Anything” in getting past the croc brain first.5. Antonio Damasio rebutted the divisional theories of mind/body split in his book “Descartes Error”
6. The work of Dr Pieter Rossouw at the University of Queensland can be reviewed via the Journal of NeuroPsychoTherapy
7. I interviewed Grant in Episode 8 of the Coach Mentor Podcast on the theory of mBraining