mBraining with Grant Soosalu

mbraining thumbnailUse your three brains (head, heart, gut) and access greater intuition. Show host Robert Holmes interviews Grant about the book mBraining, his partnership with Marvin Oka and the powerful coaching model they’ve been developing.

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Episode 8 – Grant Soosalu, mBraining

Title: “mBraining. An introduction to the world of multiple brains and coaching”

Broadcast date: 23 August, 2013

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(64 minutes)

  1. The world of mBIT www.mbraining.com
  2. The Heart Math Institute www.heartmath.org
  3. Rollin McCraty on Heart-Brain coherence www.heartmathbenelux.com/doc/McCratyeal_article_in_integral_review_2009.pdf
  4. Gary Schwartz “A Change of Heart”  on heart transplant recipients www.paulpearsall.com/info/press/3.html
  5. The Oprah Magazine article www.oprah.com/spirit/How-a-Hunch-Can-Save-Your-Life-Women-and-Intuition/2
  6. On face book mBraining www.facebook.com/mBraining
  7. To book Marvin to speak Marvin Oka www.saxton.com.au/marvin-oka/
  8. INLPTA – International NLP Trainers Association www.inlpta.com/

Check out mBraining www.mbraining.com

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