Master Coach Training – January 2013

I think running a business in the 21st Century is one of the most amazing privileges that can be afforded to me. I am humbled by the quality of people that have come to join us in the endeavour. I am amazed at the depth of field, and range of opportunities that stand before us.

I’m here for a week, in raging NSW heat (today was declared the worst day for fires in this state’s history, and fire danger stands at “catastrophic”. The smell of smoke and fear in the air. Yet I am relaxed. We’re here to build business – to teach our core team and associated business coaches the art of master coaching. That rocks as far as I am concerned.

What is a master coach you might ask? No wait… what’s a coach? Well you know – the guy who sits on the sidelines calling shots to the quarterback… the girl who sits watching her tennis champion against their opponent. Well… not that exactly (though Jaemin does look like a well dressed urbane sports coach).

Our form of coaching is building skills and strategies with clients, so they can go after what they want. At this present time that includes the homeless looking for a bed, the jobless looking for gainful employment, the estranged looking for reconciliation, the employed looking for promotion, the church leader looking to disciple better, the manager looking for team and the CEO looking for strategy. Quite a range of applications really, and as a result our coaches need better tools.

I once worked in the hospitality industry. The manager of the first hotel I worked in taught me, “If aren’t serving a customer, serve someone who is.” That, in my present case, are our coaches. They serve the client, and we can serve them – equip them – empower them – release them.