Making a difference…

In 2012, Life and Leadership coach Kylie Cullinan extended her coaching skills by taking further training with Frazer Holmes Coaching. Since then she has contracted with us to provide coaching in employment agencies at Bega and Merimbula, and is thrilled to be able to be making a difference in lives of people who have faced some really rough experiences in life.

Kylie’s life goal is to help people live life well and contribute to the world. She loves helping people see with clarity and find a solution. She believes everyone needs support, encouragement and motivation to reach their goals and she loves to provide a space where people can pause and find what they need.

When Kylie is not working for Frazer Holmes she is growing her own coaching company, Sycamore Lane and loves providing high quality life and leadership coaching to her personal clients and small groups. We are glad Kylie chose to coach with Frazer Holmes and are really proud of the way she has grown personally and professionally, both as a coach and a business woman, over the past two years.

Here are some things Kylie had to say about Frazer Holmes: “I have really appreciated the process of training with Frazer Holmes. Their courses are highly professional, teach great coaching skills and tools and is delivered in a boutique environment, with personalised service and small class sizes. Frazer Holmes created opportunities for me to land coaching work in specialised environments once I had completed their course. Everyone in Frazer Holmes is excellent to deal with, helpful, kind and warm. I find Frazer Holmes to offer an above average service at a reasonable price. I would highly recommend this course to anyone.”