Life Coaching Courses

Neuroscience is combined with coaching skills
to deliver transformative and impactful outcomes.

Whether you are an existing life coach or have dreams of becoming one, our life coaching courses deliver exceptional training unlike anywhere else. Our training programs are directed by one of Australia’s few International Coaching Federation Master Certified Coaches (MCC), Dr Mark Setch, and developed on the foundation of the principles of Neuroscience.

This holistic approach combines science and the art of coaching to deliver transformative and truly effective outcomes. Through collaboration with a variety of coaching and training companies, academics, scientists and researchers we have created exceptional life coaching course modules not seen elsewhere.

We are continually developing and refining our approach to ensure we remain the premier provider of accredited life coaching courses in Australia.

What is life coaching?

Life coaching, or more aptly Neurocoaching, is about equipping individuals with the tools they need to transform their life. A neuro coach supports individuals to reach their professional and personal development goals, leading to a more fulfilled and happier life.

At Neurocoaching Australia, our life coaching courses recognise, value and integrate modern neuroscience within the coaching process. This approach to life coaching avoids the mind/body split, understanding that we are one whole being: mind, body, emotions and spirit.

This is because “neuro” is not simply about being brain-based, but the person as a whole. Our professionally trained life coaches operate from a transformational coaching mindset and skill-base, equipped to coach the whole person. This is what sets our life coaching courses apart from the rest.

As a qualified life coach, you will help clients assess their life and define their goals, you collaboratively strategise and plan ways for them to achieve these goals and then support them to implement these steps. You are a judgment-free sounding board, mentor, accountability partner and motivator.

Become a trained life coach and make a profound difference to the lives of others

Life coaching, as any coach will tell you, is both an incredibly challenging and rewarding career. In the process of helping others transform their lives, you may experience profound change and personal growth of your own. Life coaching requires exceptional listening skills and the ability to be present and remain deeply focused on another person.

For all its challenges and how much of yourself you give to the role, the reward of seeing an individual flourish through your care is inexplicably wonderful. Knowing your skill, dedication and openness have helped enrich another’s life makes life coaching, in our opinion, one of the best possible career paths.

Have you ever wondered if you are well suited to providing life coaching or have been interested in working as a professional coach? Our life coaching courses are ideal for individuals who:

  • Love working with people every day and are passionate about exploring new ways to lift them higher. If you already work in the fields of community services, teaching, the Australian Defence Force, sports coaching or similar, this could be you.
  • Are seeking a significant life/career change and ready to start helping others bring about deep change in their lives (and your own in the process).
  • Have an entrepreneurial spirit and are keen to strike out on their own terms and create their own path. If you have ever felt a deep conviction that you’re here to change the world in some positive way, life coaching may just be your perfect career.

  • Are leaders of people and are passionate about empowering and inspiring those around you with patient, genuine dedication.
  • Are kind, generous with their time and refrain from judgment.
  •  Know they’re ready to start a journey to become a life coach but are not sure where to start their life coaching career.
  • Are ready to overcome negative blocks in their own lives and explore fulfilling their true purpose.

Life coaching courses we offer

Established for over 10 years, Neurocoaching Australia is one of Australia’s most respected Neurocoach training and coaching education providers. Our life coaching courses are internationally accredited, meet all International Coaching Federation (ICF) core competencies and can be attended by both individuals and groups.

We offer multiple modules that can be undertaken individually or collectively as an entire course depending on your current qualifications or goals as a coach. Our current course structure includes:

Neurocoaching Foundations

This module gives you access to the best available tools for transformational coaching that underpins all Neurocoaching Australia coaches. It is our foundational course that gives a well-rounded introduction to Neurocoaching and sets you on the path to becoming a successful coach. It is this module and course material that launched our acclaimed life coaching courses.

There are no entry requirements to undertake this module.

Neurocoaching In Practice

In this module, face to face training is followed by a 12-week practical training program. Through this module, you gain experience in applying the transformational life coaching skills learned thus far. In a safe, mentored environment you will be encouraged to practice your newly acquired coaching language and skills.

To undertake this course, you are required to have completed module 1: Neurocoaching Foundations.

Practitioner Neurocoaching

Designed to complement and extend our earlier courses, this module teaches additional coaching skills, tools and delivery techniques. This module is ideal for those requiring unique insights and strategies for coaching and supporting clients facing particularly challenging circumstances.

Upon completion of this course, you will have completed our ICF Level 1 coaching education, satisfying the training requirements for the ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential.

Professional Neurocoaching

This cutting-edge training will facilitate your mastery of a wide range of advanced coaching tools and skills. Deepen your knowledge and skill of coaching while improving your confidence and equipping yourself with new strategies for success.

Applicants for this course need to have completed Module 1: Neurocoaching Foundations, Module 2: Neurocoaching in Practice and Module 3: Practitioner Neurocoaching, or hold an ACC or PCC credential.

Upon completion of this course, you will have completed our ICF Level 2 coaching education, satisfying the training requirements for the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential.

Master Neurocoaching

The completion of our Master Neurocoaching course is a must-have for those wanting to pursue life coaching as a career and become a leader in their field. This module provides over 50 coaching tools and extensive background information developed from years of research delivered through clear, usable fact sheets. Learn how to achieve better results in shorter timeframes for your clients and become a Master Practitioner.

Applicants for this course need to have completed Module 1: Neurocoaching Foundations, Module 2: Neurocoaching in Practice and Module 3: Practitioner Neurocoaching, Module 4: Professional Neurocoaching and/or hold an ACC or PCC credential.

Upon completion of this course, you will have accumulated an additional 42 ICF Continuing Coach Education Units (CCEUs).

Life Balance Coaching

In this life coaching course, you will learn the materials and skills required to deliver a four-day coaching workshop. This workshop includes content relating to life mastery, covering all aspects of being: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and relational. This course delivers breakthrough revelations for participants and future clients alike. Expand your coaching tool kit and broaden your services for optimal income streaming through this facet of life coach training.

There are no entry requirements for this life coaching course, at its completion, you will have accrued 41.5 hours of ICF Continuing Coach Education Units (CCEUs).   An abridged version of Life Balance Coaching, comprising 18 CCEUs is also available.

Business Coaching

This is structured around a series of intensives focused on acquiring and refining the coaching skills needed for those working in business, government and team environments.

In this course, you will learn business, training, corporate coaching and consulting tools including analysis, marketing, strategic planning, personal and leadership development, team building, life mastery, relationship management and innovative thinking strategies.

There are no entry requirements for this course.

The defining features that set us apart are our commitment to integrity, authenticity, the ability to find beauty in complex problem solving and the unmatched quality of our offerings.
We are unashamedly world-class.

What can I do with my life coach training?

Certification and accreditation

Our life coaching certification and accreditation is provided through the ICF. This means that no matter where you take your newfound coaching skills, this accreditation will be recognised internationally and nationally. This gives you instant credibility as a certified life coach and provides endless opportunities to practice and share your coaching skills.

Personal career goals

At the completion of your life coaching education, your new career will depend on your personal career goals and how you choose to use your training. You may desire to start your own neuro coaching business or work with an existing life coaching business.

Transformative results

Even if you do not wish to venture entirely into coaching, taking an online life coaching course can be incredibly beneficial for those in the service industry. Police, ambulance, Defence Force personnel, corrections officers, education faculty and more have all participated in our coaching and experienced its transformative results.

Why pursue your coaching certification with us?

At Neurocoaching Australia we are focused on providing exceptional life coaching courses that are internationally recognised and accredited. We deliver a coaching experience that facilitates onto only the extension of your skills as a coach, but your personal development also.

For ease of access, all our life coaching courses are delivered 100% online, through interactive live video streaming – this makes it possible to fit your coaching education around your other life commitments. as a premier coaching business, we also offer flexible payment plans, access to comprehensive resources and all required textbooks as a component of the course fees.

Choosing Neurocoaching Australia over another life coaching institute sets you up for enhanced personal and professional success. Become a successful life coach through our life coaching courses and enjoy a career that brings joy and fulfilment for you and your clients.

Contact our exceptional team today onto begin your transformative education in Neurocoaching through our accredited life coaching courses.


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Life Coaching Courses FAQs

Neurocoaching is a powerful fusion of life coaching with the highly impactful principles of neuroscience.

Neurocoach training will teach you techniques that not only work with the client to transform their lives but also those that understand how the human brain and mind works which can lead to significant and powerful change within the individual.

Neurocoaching recognises, values and integrates these modern principles within the coaching process.

Neurocoaching avoids the mind/body split, understanding that we are one whole being: mind, body, emotions and spirit.

Professionally trained Neurocoaches operate from a transformational coaching mindset and skill-base, equipped to coach the whole person.

The International Coaching Federation accreditation you receive when you complete Neurocoaching Australia courses are internationally recognised and will enable you to stand out in the marketplace, assuring your potential clients of your credibility and skillset.

To establish yourself as a Life NeuroCoach you will need to complete the following accredited life coach training courses:

  • Module 1: Foundations in Neurocoaching and
  • Module 2: Neurocoaching in Practice.

Once you have completed these, you can begin coaching your own clients.

To further strengthen your coaching capabilities and skills you can then go on to complete Module 3: Practitional Neurocoaching, Module 4: Professional Neurocoaching and to really stand out Module 5: Master Coaching.  (After completing Module 3 you will have accumulated sufficient ICF accredited coach training hours to apply for your Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential.  When you have completed Module 4 you have enough coach training hours to satisfy the training requirement for the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential)

Neurocoaching Australia is one of the few training providers in Australia who deliver accredited Neurocoaching training courses.  Our courses are supercharged with the powerful principles of neuroscience giving you the edge over standard life coach training outcomes.

Our training is overseen by one of Australia’s few Master Coaches (MCC) and Director of Training, Dr. Mark Setch who, together with Robert Holmes PCC and Sue Hefren PCC,  has created training programs that ensure you are able to create significant and transformational results for your clients.

If you are starting out at Module 1: Foundations in Neurocoaching, there are no entry requirements.

Modules 2-5 require that you have completed the preceding courses before moving to the next module.

Great!  We value your experience and look forward to supercharging your capability with a transformational Neurocoaching mindset that will set you in a different league from other life coaches.

So that we can advise which level you will need to take, please contact us here for an informal chat about how we can help.

For Module 1 and Module 3, classes are held from 6pm-9pm AEST/AEDT.   For Module 2, classes are from 6pm-8pm AEST/AEDT fortnightly, with Coaching Practice Groups (Triads) in the intervening weeks.

That’s not a problem.  All our classes are recorded so if you miss one  you can listen to the recording.  Keep in mind that for ICF accreditation, you do need to attend at least 50% of the classes live and you will gain most from the courses when you attend live and are able in interact with other participants.

That varies.  The gap between Module 1 and Module 2 is small; 3-5 weeks.   The gap between Module 2 and Module 3 training is longer; it can be between 2 and 4 months depending on when you enrol. This is quite intentional, as you will gain most benefit from Module 3 training when you have had opportunity to practice your coaching.

Absolutely!   At Neurocoaching Australia our vision is not only to provide high-quality globally accredited training, but also to develop a community of coaches.  Through our Members Only Facebook Group, you have lifetime access to our training team and other coaches within our community to support, encourage and advise on developing your coaching, whether in private practice of as part of your work role.

The ICF does not recognise counselling/psychology qualifications are RPL, as coaching, while complimentary to counselling, is quite different, as you will experience if you chose to enrol.   Maximum value will be gained  from our training if you participate in the entire course, and benefit from the interaction with the Trainer and other students

We do not offer scholarships, but we do offer flexible interest-free payment plans with all of our training, so you don’t need to pay upfront.

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