Discover the keys to living your best life! 

This training is potentially life-changing for you and your clients!

To be well and stay well we need to learn how to manage stress and build resilience!

This wellness course has been designed to look at the entire spectrum of research backed, evidence based solutions to deal with stress and resilience in a holistic way: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and relational.

Why should you care about stress? Here are three good reasons:

  1. It’s killing us. Australians top the table for stress and fatigue related burnout.
  2. It's the #1 issue in most people's minds. Stress over relationships, money, health...
  3. It’s impacting our economy. Stress claims are now the #1 cost in ComCare and Workcover claims, up by 60% since 2000.

When we take our avearage baseline stress load and throw in a traumatic life experience or two, the odds are high that people will struggle to recover. Research shows that 18% of people who experience trauma have delayed recovery and 10% become traumatised to the point that their systems cannot recover without significant intervention. This is the community we live in and as a whole it is ill prepared to deal with these issues.

Life Balance Course

This online course will provide you with a suite of tools for managing stress, building resilience and overall life mastery. These tools have been thoroughly researched and are based on the latest science. They are designed to bring life back into harmony and align day to day routines and behaviours with vision and hopes.

Participants invariably find themselves making valuable course corrections and having breakthrough revelations of understanding.

Dates:        13 October - 17 November 2020

Time:          Tuesdays 6-9pm

Delivery:    Online via Zoom

Price:          $2,495 (payment plans available)

Here’s what's covered

There are real life case studies, to assist the students to see real-world applications. We provide in depth study notes when issues become more technical or medical in nature. Every session has an exercise to complete and there are a additional challenging takeaway exercises to keep your learning alive after the course is finished.

  • How the body works
  • Stress and burnout
  • Obesity
  • Diet

  • How emotions work
  • Addictions
  • Motivation
  • Risk and reward
  • Fear

  • The conscious and unconscious mind
  • Improving memory
  • Self talk and mental programming
  • Rest and recreation strategies
  • Mental fatigue and sleep
  • Perception
  • Two ways to live
  • Finding life's highest values
  • Goal setting
  • Time management
  • Forgiveness and repentance
  • Making better choices
  • Relationship health
  • Getting out of the rat race
  • Cashflow
  • Corporate citizenship
  • Urban blindness
  • Carbon footprint

Here’s what people are saying about the course

Participants invariably find themselves making valuable course corrections and having breakthrough revelations of understanding.


Dental Assistant

Incredible breakthrough

I would have paid anything for the breakthrough I got doing this course!


Leadership Coach

So rich and transformational

This program is so rich in material across all areas of life. When you apply the principles of this program it is a transformational experience. I love it. I thoroughly recommend it.


Here's what else you get...

Free Book

In the pages of this book lie answers to many of the issues that press us: stress, diet, weight loss, self esteem, relational difficulty and more. A Balancing Act presents an extensively researched, practical approach to living an abundant life. It addresses the five key areas of life: mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and social and how they interact with each other. A Balancing Act has been reviewed and/or endorsed by peers from a wide field of backgrounds including:

  • Dr. Fred Rothwell - Retired surgeon/physician
  • Dr. John Clements - Medical Officer, World Health Organisation
  • Ross Hawkey - CFO & CIO at Mission Australia
  • Mark Virkler - Christian Leadership University
  • Gordon Hancock - Fusion
  • Karen Drake - Theopathic Healing
  • Richard Drake - Theology
  • Jim Wallace - Military background and Leadership in the ACL
  • Dr. Tony Hobbs - GP and Chairman of the Australian Divisions of General Practice

This course forms part of our Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP) with the International Coach Federation (ICF). 

The abridged online course provides 18 Accredited Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH) towards either Associate Certified Coach (ACC) or Professional Certified Coach (PCC) accreditation with the ICF using the portfolio path.

For credentialled coaches, this course provides 18 hours of Coach Continuing Education (CCE) units towards your credential renewal.

About the course instructor,
Dr. Robert Holmes

Robert is industry recognised as an expert in human behaviour and has been called upon by government, public firms, private firms and NGO's to assist with stress and resilience, first response to trauma, leadership performance, executive coaching, team development, crisis management and business process design.

He is the Secretariat for the Inter-Departmental Forum on Mental Health, auspiced by DIBP. He is now studying his Ph.D. in neuropsychology through RMIT, focusing on the effective treatment of trauma.

Dates:        13 October - 17 November 2020

Time:          Tuesdays 6-9pm

Delivery:    Online via Zoom

Price:          $2,495 (payment plans available)

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