Integrative Coaching with Jenny Devine

Integrative coaching helps clients examine and observe the dis-harmonies of our personality – the shadow and the ego – in order to do deep personal change work. In this episode Jenny Devine, PCC shares her experience as a fully qualified integrative coach, explaining the Jungian foundations for practice and gives helpful tips on how to use these ideas.

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Episode 38 – Jenny Devine, Jenny Devine Coaching

Title: “Integrative Coaching and the shadow effect”

Broadcast date: 24th October, 2014

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(50:54 minutes)

1. Jenny’s website is
2.The Ford Institute
3. Christian de Quincey
4.David Eagleman wrote the book “Incognito”
5. The Shadow Effect – the movie and book
6.Debbie Fords best seller was “The Dark Side of the Light Chasers”
7. Our upcoming events pages