Grow Your Coaching Business with Chris Taylor

Grow your business and maintain your freedom to travel, live where you want and have staff all over the world! All this and more is totally possible. Chris Taylor’s consulting and coaching business is in 8 nations and he says, “With technology, it’s easier to be global than a local coach nowadays.” Find out how in this amazing interview with the founder of Actionable Books, talking to us from a cave in Spain!

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Episode 29 – Chris Taylor, Actionable Books

Title: “Grow Your Coaching Business and be Free to Travel”

Broadcast date: 20th June, 2014

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(49:29 minutes)
1. Actionable Books main web site:
2. Follow Chris on Twitter @ChrisTaylorGEMi and @ActionableChris
3. “Mastering the Rockerfeller Habits” was written by Verne Harnish
4. ROWE examples can be found on Wikipedia
5. “The Thank You Economy” by Gary Veynerchuk. Summary by Chris Taylor
6. “Purple Cow” by Seth Godin. Summary by Chris Taylor
7. “A Whole New Mind” by Dan Pink. Summary by Chris Taylor
8. Jean Bliss coined the term “Chief Customer Officer”
9. For Consulting opportunities go to:
10. “Beyond the Picket Fence” by Chris Taylor is coming out next week!
11. Actionable Consultant Program Australia – Launching in Melbourne, August 25-26, 2014. More information