Going After What You Want

Last week I talked about the power of modelling – finding someone who has what you want, finding out what it took the to get there, then copying them. Being inspired!

This week I want to delve into going after what you want. I recently sold my car, and I was without one. I knew what sort of vehicle I was after, but you know cars (and houses, and clothes, and food) nowadays… So much choice… So many options… It drives me to distraction. Anyway I went to test drive a few before deciding.

The first car was clean. Technically capable. Wonderfully engineered. Soulless. The car dealer thought it was the right fit for me.

The second car was lively, responsive, black and overpriced. But a mechanic friend of mine really liked them and thought it was reliable.

The third one was a bit like my high school girlfriend (and ultimately my wife) – she was out of my league. This car was the right colour, it was the right price, it is GREAT looking, and a real driver’s car – sporty. This was the one I wanted.

The question I kept coming back to was… “What do you want?” and “Get the one you love”. Oh not to be tilted by the opinions of men. Proverbs says, “The fear of man is a snare” or a trap. To make decisions constantly looking over your shoulder is a bad way to do business.

Knowing what you want, then backing your decision to go after it, is all a head game. Are you willing to back yourself… Are you willing to stand out… You will second guess your decision a dozen times, but will you go for it? The opinions of others quickly changes.Once you’ve committed to a plan, as I did, people come around, they nod and agree.

Around here we now call it my “state car” (no not estate) – it puts me right into “state” – right who I need to be before that pivotal meeting, that critical deal, that difficult client, that hard sales call. Darn it I feel good.