Getting off Autopilot with Kay Lindley

Break boundary conditions with a blockbuster technique: symbolic modelling and metaphors with Kay Lindley. Kay is an advanced trainer and practitioner in NLP, EFT and hypnosis therapy and a proponent of using clean language and coaching content free.


Episode 22 – Kay Lindley, Mindsalad

Title: “Getting off autopilot, the role of sub conscious programming”

Broadcast date: 7 March, 2014

Show notes (40:11 minutes)

  1. Kay’s web site
  2. Bendigo Bank
  3. David Grove – symbolic modelling uses metaphor
  4. James Lawley taught the workshop, “Less is more,” (1997)
  5. James Lawley and Penny Tompkins co-developed symbolic modelling
  6. Leslie Symons clean language (company) Sydney.
  7. Robert’s Book on the landscape of the soul is called “The Mountain” on Kindle
  8. The upcoming workshop with Ian Snape is at
  9. Chris Collingwood