The Pragmatic Magic of Gestalt Coaching – Dr. Dorothy Siminovitch

Gestalt, meaning “picture” or “story” is so powerful because it makes the implicit more explicit, or as Dorothy likes to say the invisible more visible. It’s like “Pragmatic Magic”. Gestalt therapy was among the most favoured approaches in psychology in the late 1970’s and 80’s, giving way to CBT and other forms of psychotherapy. Dorothy Siminovitch, Ph.D, MCC has brought the school and it’s fundamental principles across into coaching where, perhaps, it always belonged.

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Episode 43 – Dorothy Siminovitch,Gestalt Coaching Institute

Title: “Gestalt Coaching”

Broadcast date: 16th January, 2014

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(63:51 minutes)

  1. Dorothy’s web site is
  2. The Gestalt Coaching article in Coach World Magazine
  3. “Adaptive coaching” Terry Bacon
  4. Solomon Ash – the reality check rule
  5. Isodore Fromme led “Phenomonological philosophy” and was a disciple of Fritz & Laura Pearls.
  6. Brene Brown CD series on Men, women and worthiness, the experience of shame and the power of being enough”
  7. The Blooma Ziegarnick Effect (Kurt Lewin) “unfinished business”
  8. Thinking fast and slow by Daniel Kahneman
  9. Wayne Moller “tell me what you pay attention to and I will tell you who you are”
  10. “Organisational Consulting” by Edwin Nevis