Flying Solo with Robert Gerrish

The microbusiness community, Flying Solo now has 70,000 members and 30,000 in online social media groups. It evolved from what was basically a coaching niche. Founder Robert Gerrish shares the journey with us and gives some great advice about finding your passion and sticking to it.

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Episode 36 – Robert Gerrish, Flying Solo

Title: “Flying Solo in your Coaching Business”

Broadcast date: 26th September, 2014

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(56:40 minutes)

1. Flying Solo Web site
2. The Accidental Entrepreneur (book) by Susan Urquhart-Brown
3. Coach U was started by Thomas Leonard
4. talk on delivering portaloos
5. Seth Godin – daily email “The Purple Cow”
6. Our coaching accelerate program
7. Our blog pages