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If you’re looking for change, growth, improvement, better results, breakthrough or personal development, life coaching always delivers. That’s why elite athletes and executives the world over get a coach… and now those tools are available to you!

Life coaching is cheeky. It steals the all the best bits from counselling, psychology and human behavioural science and frames them extraordinarily well. Every coaching conversation is totally judgment free and outcomes focused. It is all about empowering you and your team to find the gold inside and become great. It is highly personal and tailored to your journey.

Change the world, change yourself

People talk about change all the time yet very rarely do they actually live differently. Just look at New Year’s resolutions! We refuse to use behaviour management in our approach to change, but deal with the root causes that hold people back from happiness and success.

Coaching is for anybody

People come to us for coaching from all manner of backgrounds: parents who want better skills to cope with their growing responsibilities; managers wanting to get more from the team; professionals looking to prepare for the next step in their career; teachers, nurses, psychologists, pastors and social workers who want better skills to help people. How about you?

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Is our coaching really for you?

Before you go any further, let’s get one thing straight… we are not your average coaching company. We are first and foremost a company of Australia’s finest coaches. We have a passion to see people from all walks of life flourish. Our coaches work with youth, young marrieds, business owners, entrepreneurs, career professionals, executives, CEO’s, athletes, military officers, returned soldiers, people in recovery, ex-addicts, ex-offenders and the long term unemployed… People are people, irrespective of their gender, nationality, age, education, career or socio-economic status. Our coaching works because we are experts in people – we love them, we understand them and we have the tools to help them thrive!

As a company of coaches, we are passionate about helping people just like you discover simple solutions to complex problems and learn the art and science of doing life well. We believe that personal development is key to you getting the outcomes you are after and we are confident we have what it takes to help you flourish in life whatever situation you are currently facing.

Tim Edwards

Dept. Communications

My time with this coaching company has been life changing... I have found new resolve to pursue long deferred dreams, developed resilience and confidence to meet not only the demands and responsibilities I face as a manager, but those of a husband, father and friend... I highly recommend their services!

Can we help you?

We would love to find out a bit more about your needs or the situation you are seeking answers for so we can help you. We really don’t like assuming things about you or your situation or providing you with irrelevant information which is why we have created a coaching enquiry form to enable us to serve you better. Click the link below to complete our coaching enquiry form and get started on your coaching journey right away!


Australian Army

Over the course of coaching I achieved many breakthroughs with my mental illness. In fact, coaching achieved what psychology and psychiatry did not deliver. I believe anyone going through struggle or facing complex and difficult issues would benefit from seeing a Neurocoaching Australia coach.

Ross Hawkey

CFO Mission Australia

I was tremendously benefited by coaching, especially because it gave me recourse to discuss both personal and professional issues outside my normal environment... Rob not only helped me see issues in a new light, but to take a more strategic view of problems as they came up.

Frequently Asked Questions

We really want to make sure you’re well informed about coaching for two very good reasons:

  1. We are fully invested in each one of our client’s success and we want to make sure you have the best possible chance to succeed.
  2. We want to make sure we are a good fit for each other. We are not right for everyone. For you to get the outcomes you are after it is important that we can work together effectively, sharing common values and building quality relationships.

Q. Who is our coaching designed for?

Q. What does the coaching look like?

Q. How long does the coaching last for?

Q. Are you accredited?

Q. What are the benefits of using an accredited coach?

Q. How is coaching done?

Q. How will I be matched to a coach?

Q. Do you have any other arrangements?

Q. Do you have payment plans?

Q. What if I decide to pull out before coaching starts or I am not happy with the results?


Australian Army

The strategies and information provided to me during this time have given me a valuable lifelong toolset I otherwise would have gone without. To truly gain a deeper perspective into the 'how' and 'why' of my individual constraints and then have the knowledge and confidence to address and ultimately surpass them is a testament to the coaching Neurocoaching Autralia provides... It has been nothing short of amazing and I am a better person practising the principles in everyday life. I believe life coaching would benefit people and leaders at all levels. In benefiting me, I've been able to pass on aspects to other. Everyone wins!!

Toby & Brooke Pearson


Our coaching journey was consistently created in an environment where we could be honest and vulnerable. We got incredible insight, resources and the encouragement we needed in order to keep moving forward together. It was a life saver.

If you have more specific questions that are not covered in the enquiry form or you want to speak to someone about your decision please email [email protected] or call 1300 132 544 and one of our fabulous team will be there to help you and answer any questions you might have.


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