Coaching Supervision – Tammy Turner, MCC

Arrested development? Feel like your performance has plateaued? Perhaps peer feedback is just not cutting it anymore… You probably need a supervisor. Tammy Turner, MCC discusses the differences between supervision and mentoring, coaching and psychology and how supervisor can really help boost your game. The game is changing, the industry is becoming a profession and part of the brave new world is coaching supervision.

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Episode 40 – Tammy Turner, Developing Coaching

Title: “Coaching Supervision and professional development”

Broadcast date: 21st November, 2014

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(56:27 minutes)

1. Tammy’s website is
2. APS 4th International congress
3. Peter Hawkins model
4. The ICF Coaching Supervision definition
5. ICF Coach Talk Series #3 “Great Coaches Never Stop Learning
6. Taster events at
7. A Great book on the subject: “Coaching And Mentoring Supervision: Theory And Practice: The complete guide.” By Bachkirova, T. Jackson, P. & Clutterbuck, D.
7. Frazer Holmes offers Coach Mentoring
8. Tatiana Bochkirova (quoted in the podcast) from Oxford Brooks
9. Places you can find a coaching supervisor: