Coaching in the Public Service – Lindy Bryant

What’s it like to serve public servants? What does it take to lead among the nations’ leaders and coach them? Executive coach and mentor Lindy Bryant, co-founder of YellowEdge based in Canberra tells us all about it in this podcast.

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Episode 31 – Lindy Bryant, YellowEdge

Title: “Coaching in the Public Service”

Broadcast date: 18th July, 2014

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(56:44 minutes)

    1. Yellow Edge
    2. Alan Seiler Ontological Coaching
    3. 12 Ways to Change Your State
    4. – to get on the Government Panels
    5. Transition Life Coaching Intake Form 2014.doc
    6. Leadership Capabilities for the APS.doc
    7. Coaching Survey Executive summary.doc
    8. Yellowedge Standard Coaching Agreement.doc
    9. Our brilliant summary of business learnings from a year of podcasting on the Business Accelerate Webinar