Coaching for the Long Haul – Katherine Hosie, PCC

Coaches who have kept up their practice for 6-10 years bill double the average. They have the long haul in mind, and the stamina to keep it up. They build long term coaching relationships, they deepen expertise. Katherine Hosie has been at coaching since 2003 and accrued 10,000+ hours of experience. In this podcast Kate shares her thoughts on what it takes to go the distance and continue to find the journey rewarding.

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Episode 42 – Katherine Hosie, Power House Coaching

Title: “Coaching for the Long Haul”

Broadcast date: 19th November, 2014

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(51:57 minutes)

  1. Katherine’s web site is
  2. ICF for credentialing
  3. Sydney University Master’s in Coaching Psychology
  4. Neurocoaching Institute
  5. Thomas Leonard – Coachville
  6. Kate’s LinkedIn page including her articles
  7. for weekly debiting for your clients
  8. Frazer Holmes Coach Training