Coaching Leaders in Large Organisations – Dr. Matt Barney

Large organisations equip senior leaders and C-suite executives, but what about everyone else in the organisation? Coaching is super expensive, beyond the reach of ordinary citizens and certainly most of the third world. Dr. Matt Barney says we could coach using technology… psychometric evaluation, leadership potential recognition, journalling, automated reminders, group coaching and asynchronous interactions with a coach mentor. This is the work being done by LeaderAmp.

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Episode 46 – Dr. Matt Barney – LeaderAmp

Title: “Coaching Leaders in Large Organisations”

Broadcast date: 27th February, 2015

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(41:25 minutes)

  1. Matt’s web site
  2. Sixsigma –
  3. The Charisma Myth – Olivia Fox Cabane
  4. Robert Cialdini – “Influence”
  5. “Leading Value Creation” – Matt Barney
  6. Edwardo Salas – University of Central Florida (5 elements of teams)
  7. The Biomimicry Institute