The Coaching Frame with Jaemin Frazer

Coaching borrows the best stuff from psychology, social work, facilitation, teaching and neuroscience. But the way coaching packages it up (the coaching frame) is both totally unique and much more empowering.

Coaches can be empowered by the way they use the coaching frame in a conversation. It permissions them for confrontation, forward momentum and deep personal change work with their clients.

In this interview, Jaemin shares his six stage coaching frame and explains how it changes the dynamics of the conversation. It works for coaches, and it also works for any person working with change.

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Episode 59 – Jaemin Frazer – Frazer Holmes Coaching

Title: “The Coaching Frame Changes Everything”

Broadcast date: 16th October, 2015

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(55:24 length)

  1. Jaemin’s web site:
  2. His New Book “Elegantly Simple Solutions to Complex People Problems”
  3. The One Minute Coach