Coaching Celebrities – Patrick Wanis

Have you ever wondered how the other half live? What is the life of celebrity like when things get tough and you need to find a life coach? Patrick Wanis is a Celebrity Coach and relationship expert who shares the top five issues that turn up in his coaching sessions with them. These include:
– Everyone uses me, (the parasites)
– I can’t trust anyone, (I have no friends)
– I have no privacy, (the paparazzi)
– I deserve more, (narcissism) and
– The imposter syndrome.

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Episode 30 – Patrick Wanis

Title: “Celebrity coaching and relationshps”

Broadcast date: 4th July, 2014

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(56:04 minutes)

  1. Patrick’s web site
  3. The interview with Bob Hawke is at
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  6. “Moments of Clarity” (about drug addicts)