Coaching Boards and C-Suite executives – Julie Garland-McLellan

Coaching C-Suite executives (CEO, COO etc.), organisations and family companies can often lead to Coaching Boards. Sometimes coaches are asked then to join the board. What should a person be thinking about and aware of as they do this? In this podcast Julie Garland-McLellan address these and other issues such as creating other income streams from public speaking, book writing and board positions.

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Episode 41 – Julie Garland McLellan

Title: “Boards & C-Suite Coaching”

Broadcast date: 5th November, 2014

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(45:25 minutes)

  1. Julie’s website is
  2. The Australian Institute of Company Directors
  3. The National Speakers Association of Australia
  4. Julie’s books are: the “Dilemmas, Dilemmas” series (practical case studies on being a company director), “All Above Board” (specifically for the government sector), and “Presenting to Boards” (practical skills for corporate presentations). All Julie’s books are available from or the Australian Institute of Company Directors.
  5. Julie’s monthly newsletter “The Director’s Dilemma” is available free at
  6. Frazer Holmes is offering a 10% end of year discount of individual training products and larger discounts off groups of training. See