Ready to facilitate lasting change in people?

Do you want to help people change and grow, but feel frustrated and ineffective when you honestly sum up whether they are actually changing? Do you find some of the people you deal with seem stuck in their story and you're not sure how to break them out? Do you want to be part of seeing people set free and empower them to reach their potential?

Take a minute to watch this short introduction to our training courses by Dr Mark Setch, MCC - Director of Training.


Master the art of personal transformation

Does the thought of being able to bring quick, effective and empowering change to your world float your boat? We believe coaching is the best framework for facilitating growth and progress because it uses the best tools in the game for delivering breakthrough and creates more leverage for change than any other space.

Help others reach their potential

People come to coaching from all manner of backgrounds, but they share a common heart and passion: helping people. We’ve trained parents who want better skills to cope with their growing responsibilities; managers wanting to get more from the team; teachers, nurses, psychologists, pastors and social workers who want better skills to help people.

Be an effective change agent

Check this out. In just one short week, one of our coaches enabled massive change for a guy who had been struggling with depression for 30 years, a business owner whose company was growing rapidly but he was losing himself in the process and a young mother who felt torn between her own dreams and being present for her family.

In just one session each, these people have walked through a door, crossed a line, seen a light and they will never be the same again. Sure, it’s not the end of the change journey, but real change has taken place in a very short space of time. Change may take a long time coming, but it happens in a moment.

If you want to be a change agent just like our coaches, welcome to Neurocoaching Australia, you’re looking in the right place. It’s our favourite thing in all the world to equip passionate, big hearted people who want to make a difference in people’s lives with the coaching tools.

Jacinta Ojwang


All I can say is, Oh my God! I never imagined three days could be so confronting, intense and life changing. What an incredible experience! I am so grateful for the opportunity to receive this kind of professional and personal development.

Training Packages

Choosing a training package gives you priority access to courses as they are run. The following packages are available:










Life Balance




1. Neurocoaching Foundations

2. Neurocoaching in Practice

3. Practitioner Neurocoaching

4. Professional Neurocoaching

5. Master Neurocoaching

6. Life Balance Coaching

7. Business Coaching

Total Accredited Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH) 






The following is a guide of the packages as they relate to obtaining an ICF credential via the different ICF Credential Pathways:

Associate Certified Coach (ACC)

Professional Certified Coach (PCC)

Practitioner Coach (via ACSTH)

Professional Coach (via ACTP)

Professional Coach (via ACTP)

Course Information

Our coach training is modular so you can do as little or as much as you like. Each module builds on the content covered in the previous modules. Explore the tabs below to discover what is covered in each module. 

  • Neurocoaching Foundations
  • NEUROCOACHING in Practice
  • Practitioner Neurocoaching
  • PRofessional NEUROCOACHING
  • Life balance coaching
  • Business coaching

Neurocoaching Foundations


Discover a whole new realm of possibility and personal transformation in this powerful and life changing course. This module gives you access to the best available tools for transformational coaching that underpins all Neurocoaching Australia coaches. It is the launching point of our acclaimed, certified training programs designed to produce the finest coaches.

Download the Neurocoaching Australia
Course Brochure



Live Online  17 October - 28 November 2022 


Live Online   24th January-17th March 2023


Live Online  10 October - 5 December 2022


Live Online   TBC


Live Online  16 May - 1 August 2022

Matt Rendell


The three days of coach training and development I did with Neurocoaching Australia was some of the best training for life coaching I have ever done. If you're looking at becoming a professional coach, I highly recommend it because it is life changing.

Is our coach training really for you?

Before you go any further, let’s get one thing straight… we are not your run of the mill coach training company. We are first and foremost a company of Australia’s finest coaches. We have a passion to see people from all walks of life flourish. Our coaches work with youth, the long term unemployed, business people, ex-offenders, families, executives, athletes, CEOs and returned soldiers… People are people, irrespective of their gender, nationality, age, education, career or socio-economic status. Our coaching works because we are experts in people – we love them, we understand them and we have the tools to help them thrive!

Our coach training is a boutique product. We are not seeking to train anyone and everyone. Our goal is to train the best coaches in Australasia. We have even re-trained the best graduates from other colleges. Here is what one such recent graduate had to say…

Surprisingly brilliant content and delivery. Far exceeded already high expectations. So many incredible insights and tools that I had never come across before even though I have been coaching for years.

Paul Dixon, Transformational Coaching Graduate

Are you a good fit for our program?

We are looking for people who:

  • Are intelligent
  • Ask great questions
  • Believe in people’s ability to change and grow
  • Are willing to deal with their own stuff and not just try and fix others
  • Have a passion for life
  • Are generous and kind
  • Are great with people
  • Love learning and learn quickly
  • Have an adventurous spirit
  • Are committed to a journey of personal transformation

Stewart Fleming

Editor, Coaching Life

I highly recommend this transformational coaching course to anyone who desires to become more useful to their fellow human beings. Get the most from yourself and the best from those around you. It was a truly fabulous experience and worth every bit of money and time I spent.

Simple Solutions to Complex Problems

Neurocoaching Australia coaches provide elegantly simple solutions to complex human problems because we are experts when it comes to people. What you’ll find with us is the fusion of art and science – tools, techniques and a coaching structure that is authentic, elegant and beautiful.

Here’s a few of the distinguishing features you will experience with us…


We know life coaching works because we see the power of these tools in our own lives every day. We demand that our coaches smoke what they sell. They walk the talk.

We don’t believe in selling life coach training to everyone. We hate to see people sucked in by unrealistic promises of success and riches if they are not really suited to the coaching skill-set. You can expect an upfront and realistic conversation about that before starting.


We are an Aussie company. We love to keep it real and down to earth. What you see is what you get. Hype is not part of our M.O. We’re also not big fans of smoke, magic or mirrors in coaching.

Our life coach training program is real world tested. Either the technology works or we throw it away. Our goal is to equip you with those tools and skills you need to become one of Australia’s finest coaches.


Life is for living. We are all created with the capacity to flourish in life, yet few people do. Our coach training is focused on tools that bring breakthrough and increase people’s ability to see and experience a more fulfilling, satisfying life.

We have found that very often there are simple, elegant solutions to complex human problems. They are almost always beautiful. For that reason artistry, freedom and playfulness are important to us.


All our training is fully accredited (ACTP) with the International Coach Federation (ICF). We have a team of outstanding coaches and coach trainers. We are unashamedly world class.

Our coach training is evidence based and research backed with the latest from neuroscience and psychology. We avoid focusing too much on complicated models and theories, but instead give you applicable ways to use them.

Cheryl Mason

Lake Macquarie

The training added so much value to me. I lacked the confidence to back myself as a coach, and now I am up and running my own company! It really set me up to succeed. I would highly recommend this program to anyone wanting to grow as a coach and land paying clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

We really want to make sure you’re well informed about our coach training program for two very good reasons:

  1. We are fully invested in each one of our student’s success and we want to make sure you have the best possible chance to succeed.
  2. We want to make sure we are a good fit for each other. We are not right for everyone. Our values drive the business decisions we make and relationships we commit to. You might not agree with our values.

Q. Who is this training designed for?

Q. What does the course look like?

Q. Do I have to become a life coach or make a career out of it?

Q. Are the courses accredited?

Q. What are the benefits of doing accredited training?

Q. University vs industry training?

Q. Do you have payment plans?

Q. What if I decide to pull out before coaching starts or I am not happy with the results?

Request an information pack

  • Overview of the full coach training program 
  • ICF accredited training hours
  • Pricing 

Sean Reid

Security Industry, Sydney

Of all the training I have sat through in my life, the coach training I received with this company has been truly world class.

Become credentialed coach

The International Coach Federation is the support network for these professional coaches. Whether it’s Life Coaching, Executive Coaching, Leadership Coaching or any other skilled coaching, ICF leads the global community in advancing the profession. ICF helps serve the flourishing of humanity by using coaching’s creative and thought-provoking process to maximize professional and personal potential.

Fully Accredited Training

Neurocoaching Australia is the only Australian coach training provider who offers two fully Accredited Coach Training Programs (ACTP) that can take you right through to Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF).

If your path to gaining a credential is unclear, we are happy to walk with you through the process and provide you with guidance and direction along the way.

Accredited Coach Training Program

Coaches who complete either our Professional Coach, Master Coach or Life Balance Coach programs and have completed the requisite number of hours, can apply to the ICF for an individual credential.

Accredited Coach Specific Training Hours

All completed courses from our Accredited Coach Training Program can be claimed as Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH) towards an ICF credential.

Coach Continuing Education

Coaches already holding an ICF credential can claim Coach Continuing Education (CCE) credits for the completion of any courses that are included within our ACTP.

If you have more specific questions that are not covered in the enquiry form or you want to speak to someone about your decision please email [email protected] or call 1300 132 544 and one of our fabulous team will be there to help you and answer any questions you might have.


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