It’s all in the Metaphor – James Lawley

Do you use metaphor in your coaching? Most coaching models of human behaviour attempt to understand what we have in common. Clean language coaching celebrates the ideosyncratic, the individual ways a person has and particularly their metaphor. Core to this is the meaning they make of those metaphors and the story they tell. Clean Language takes away as much content imposition by the coach as possible by providing a set of standard questions and a model to use them in.

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Episode 52 – James Lawley – Clean Language UK

Title: “Clean Language and Metaphor in Coaching”

Broadcast date: 5th June, 2015
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  4. Steve Andreas –
  5. Caitlin Walker –
  6. Susie Linder-Pelz
  7. The California “Clean Convergence” Conference, 2016 (