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Apr 08

The psychology of money

By Robert Holmes | business

  In a world chasing fame and fortune, it’s not such a bad thing to revise our plans for money, and perhaps even decide to have less. Most business people (especially stand-alone entrepreneurs – or ‘soloists’) struggle in their relationship with money. Why is that? And how can we get back to a place where […]

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Mar 04

Thinking with your feet

By Robert Holmes | business coaching

Have you ever got, when you were stuck thinking on your feet in an interaction that really mattered? Have you reached for mindfulness tools, or confidence tools and found they didn’t deliver the solution? It turns out that beyond the standard suite of assistance we turn to in such times, we have a very powerful […]

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Sep 19

When Anxiety Can Be Good

By Sue Hefren | coaching

I woke up one morning and my stomach felt like it had been tied in knots. You know the feeling – the uncomfortable mass that sits there and just won’t go away. Anxiety manifests itself in other ways too… uneasiness, heart palpitations, sweaty outbreaks, sleeplessness, dizziness or nausea. Depending on the day that worrisome feeling […]

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Jun 12

Inner Narrative the Key to Destiny

By Robert Holmes | emotions

I’ve been reading a number of books on crime, psychology and forensics recently. Pat Brown wrote an excellent introduction to Criminal Profiling (not for the faint hearted). Maria Konnikova wrote an engaging dissertation on How to think like Sherlock. Jon Ronson wrote an absolutely hilarious book about the Psychopath test (developed by Bob Hare)… and […]

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May 28

The New Science of Neurocoaching

By Robert Holmes | business coaching

Four years ago executives around the world were asked by Sherpa Coaching about what sort of background they thought would be helpful for a coach. Psychology and counselling came in as least desirable on the list. However this year’s Executive Survey (2014) by the same firm found that neuroscience has topped the field of desirable […]

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