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Apr 08

How to overcome limiting beliefs

By Robert Holmes | coaching

How to overcome limiting beliefs You are in a situation you find frustrating, you feel boxed in and without choices. What can you do? Your options are both internal and external – you can try to change the circumstance (stay/leave), or the people in the circumstance (convince/negotiate)… most of which in coaching we would call […]

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Mar 23

Book Review: The Attributes by Rich Diviney

By Mark Setch | leadership

The Attributes – 25 Hidden Drivers of Optimal Performance By Rich Diviney Literally hot off the press, this insightful book by retired US Navy Commander and former Navy SEAL Rich Diviney is a must-read for coaches and anyone interested in personal and professional development.  As one directly involved in the selection of candidates to be […]

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Jul 08

12 Simple Ways to Change Your State

By Robert Holmes | coaching

“We are not offering a treatment plan or a therapy. We are offering options, choice and the possibility of planning a different future” Dr. Ian Snape, on the Nature of Coaching In today’s wellness focused environment we see more working together between medical doctors, psychologists and life coaches. And that’s great. I have a client, […]

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May 28

The New Science of Neurocoaching

By Robert Holmes | business coaching

Four years ago executives around the world were asked by Sherpa Coaching about what sort of background they thought would be helpful for a coach. Psychology and counselling came in as least desirable on the list. However this year’s Executive Survey (2014) by the same firm found that neuroscience has topped the field of desirable […]

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