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Aug 11

Getting of the spectrum

By Robert Holmes | coaching

Getting off the (mental health) spectrum: the power of neuroplasticity This article will explore how: A mental health diagnosis is not a life sentence Pathologising is not the path out (cognitive redefinition is) Choice gives hope, hope can create a chance at freedom Dr Joseph Michaels, when visiting the facility where Hans Asperger was working […]

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Apr 09

The Importance of Play

By Robert Holmes | Life Coaching

People talk about finding the child within, as though some part of us got trapped in time, stuck in an inner capsule inside us. The truth of it is though, our unconscious does not know about time and space. For the unconscious self, all time is now. Anything from our past is in some respects […]

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Nov 21

It’s a Shame Not to Deal with Shame

By Sue Hefren | emotions

Andrew tossed and turned, he couldn’t sleep. He felt like he had given it his best shot but lost the contract. It plagued him and kept playing on his mind. What had he done wrong? Was he really too bold, even arrogant? How could he have handled it differently? To make things worse, the lead […]

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Oct 30

Are You a “Soft Bipolar” Leader?

By Robert Holmes | business

Just exactly what makes an leader tick? Why are entrepreneurs more likely to take risk and therefore more likely to gain (or lose) it all? It is an underlying disposition, a mental frame of reference or a personality trait? Dr. Michael A. Freeman, a psychiatrist and venture capitalist says that many entrepreneurs and business leaders […]

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