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Apr 08

The psychology of money

By Robert Holmes | business

In a world chasing fame and fortune, it’s not such a bad thing to revise our plans for money, and perhaps even decide to have less. Most business people (especially stand-alone entrepreneurs – or ‘soloists’) struggle in their relationship with money. Why is that? And how can we get back to a place where money […]

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Sep 05

5 Steps to Doing Less

By Robert Holmes | business

Time Magazine says there is a revolution taking place right now – a movement that is dedicated to simplifying life and becoming more mindful about our choices. It is called Essentialism. Essentialists are committed to the idea that less is more and in my last blog I talked about four great things you get from […]

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Jun 20

NLP: A new perspective

By Sue Hefren | coach mentoring

I have to admit that I have been a bit of a skeptic about some of the more abstract coaching technologies like Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP). In my early days of coaching the majority of NLP ideas and concepts I encountered made little sense to me – in fact, it all looked a lot like […]

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May 22

From Youth Worker to Life Coach!

By michellefreebody | business coaching

Matt Waldron has been a personal leadership coach for over 15 years. He has worked in a variety of executive leadership, program management and frontline case worker roles within the community service, whilst simultaneously building his private coaching business, SHIFT Life Coaching. Matt’s passion is to inspire, empower and equip people to unlock their potential […]

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May 12

Three years on…

By michellefreebody | coach mentoring

Cheryl Mason graduated from the Frazer Holmes coach training program three years ago. Since that time, Cheryl has been working as a coach with us, transforming the lives of long term unemployed clients of Job Services Australia (JSA) providers. She is currently delivering our HOPE & Power progams in JSAs on the central coast of […]

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Jul 05

Gut Instinct

By Robert Holmes | coach mentoring

The Body Brain I was listening to a podcast from Shrink Wrap Radio yesterday. It’s a program dedicated to interviewing psychologists, researchers, movie makers and authors about current trends and learning. The interview was with Dr. David Van Nuys and his book “Mindsight” about our body brain. 

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Jun 28

The Importance Of Being Flexible

By Robert Holmes | business coaching

It’s important to stay flexible. Plans change, business is in flux, scheduled meetings move, flights get delayed, your web site crashes. Go with the flow, otherwise your blood pressure can rise to dangerous levels. This was reinforced to me over the weekend again and again. For example, I had a 3 o’clock meeting with David, […]

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Jun 19

Be Do Have

By Robert Holmes | business coaching

To download this exercise to do it for yourself, click here. Recently our team have been discussing the need to ‘be’ instead of being so caught up in ‘doing’. We all know people who are trying to get a different outcome for themselves, and they are ìtrying everything they knowî to get change. The problem however, […]

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