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Jun 30

Brain Gender and Relationship Coaching

By Sue Hefren | coaching

If you follow our blog you may have seen a recent Coach Mentor Podcast episode where the host, Robert Holmes was guest interviewed by Relationship and Celebrity Coach, Patrick Wanis about the neurological differences between men’s and women’s brains. These differences have significant implications for relationships because it affects the way men and women experience […]

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Jun 23

7 Steps to Becoming an Expert

By Robert Holmes | business

We need to carve out our area of expertise for a number of reasons. Primary among them are to pitch our unique angle or take on things to media. Everyone is an expert in something, and we all have a story to tell. Becoming perceived by the industry as an expert has beautiful side effects […]

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May 28

The New Science of Neurocoaching

By Robert Holmes | business coaching

Four years ago executives around the world were asked by Sherpa Coaching about what sort of background they thought would be helpful for a coach. Psychology and counselling came in as least desirable on the list. However this year’s Executive Survey (2014) by the same firm found that neuroscience has topped the field of desirable […]

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Sep 18

Hero’s Journey

By Robert Holmes | coaching

A Hero’s Journey I recently hosted a webinar presentation on Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey. The Hero’s Journey is one of the most powerful coaching tools I have come across, which results in great questions, often well timed in my client’s lives.

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