Build a thriving coaching business

Building a great coaching business is more than just being a great coach!

16 - 18 November 2018


Discover how to set up your coaching business, establish your place in the coaching world and land your ideal clients.

We already know you are a great coach... it's time to help you build a great coaching business!

Dr Robert Holmes

Course Presenter & Director of Research

With over 3,500 hours of coaching experience, Robert Holmes is a Professional Certified Coach and a registered Mentor Coach for the ICF. He has started five companies of his own (humanitarian AID, publishing, tourism, business facilitation, coaching) and coached executives from banking, real-estate, construction, law, federal government, defence and elite athletics.

In addition to his work with Neurocoaching Australia, Robert is currently the Global Lead for the People and Change capability at Aurecon. This role involves applied psychology, work-life balance, career pathways, exit coaching, change management, organisational design, executive development, behavioural insights and strategic planning.

Robert is passionate about practice being rooted in research based, evidence backed principles. He is a Research Fellow at the Neurocoaching Institute, working on resilience and frontline capability, and a Research Associate at the School of Health & Bio-medicine at RMIT working on trauma and PTSD. He is currently involved in a collaborative project on neurodiversity and mental health in government. Robert co-founded the Interdepartmental Forum for Mental Health (IFMH), for the 48 constituent member organisations to share information about applied strategy in the workplace.

  • Are you frustrated by the success of your attempts to get a coaching business started?
  • Have you given it your best shot only to see minimal results?
  • Are you completely done with fake marketing promises that don't deliver?
  • Do you want to profoundly touch the lives of those you coach?
  • Do you want to find those clients again and again with little more than word of mouth?
  • Are you something of an expert in your field?

We know how you feel and want to share the journey with you. Your success is our success!

Join us to discover the critical aspects of your relationship with your business, your market and your clients. Along the way you will be equipped with tools and strategies for building the business of your dreams.

Course content

You and your business

  • Using who’s at your table
  • Finding your secret sauce (your micro-niche)
  • Becoming an expert in 12 steps (not all of them easy)
  • Being a brandividual

You and your client

  • A personal 360 degree review
  • Your needs and gaps analysis
  • Starting pro bono - pros & cons
  • The coaching process (Zeus and Skeffington)
  • Setting up a coaching contract (difficulties with three way arrangements)
  • Combing the field and right sizing

You and your market

  • The marketing triangle
  • Differentiation (price, service, prestige, product)
  • Online marketing (LinkedIn, Facebook and a web site)
  • Basics of a business plan (marketing, finance, personnel, market analysis, market placement)

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who has done training beyond the basics and put it into practise in their own life. 

If you are a counsellor, coach, facilitator, medical professional, internal advisor, mentor or business person who has done coach training and you want to set up shop for yourself, you won't want to miss this course!

NOTE: this seminar is free to those enrolled in our Business Coach program.

It's time to build your coaching business!

16-18 November 2018

Rydges Capital Hill

17 Canberra Ave, Forrest ACT


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