Building Resilience With John Sautelle

Build resilience into your business, strengthen your leaders. John Sautelle, one of Australia’s finest Action Learning coaches discusses the resilience model he is working with, and how to implement it in coaching.

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Episode 7 – John Sautelle, Exceptional People

Title: “Building Resilience. The journey of self discovery, leadership and capacity building.”

Broadcast date: 8 August, 2013
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(45 minutes)

  1. Exceptional People
  2. Peak performance development and Allan Parker
  3. Action Learning Coaching
  4. Robert Keagan  and look for “Immunity to change” by Robert Keagan at Amazon.
  5. Lecture when Robert talks about the 58 yr old taking medication
  6. Jaak Panksepp interview on Shrink Rap Radio about “the Archeology of Mind”
  7. Ginger Campbell. Look for the interviews with Jaak.
  8. Gervais Bushe – clear leadership, the experience cube.

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