Bridging to Authenticity with Dr Susie Linder-Pelz

It was professor David Clutterbuck that said, “Bridging the gap between research and theory on the one hand and the coaching practitioner on the other is arguably the biggest challenge facing the coaching profession,” (Coaching Understood – Introduction). Susie says, we need to start addressing the issue of evidence. We need bridging to authenticity.

In this interview our guest host is one of Australia’s most experienced coaches, Michelle Duval (from Excelerate Coach Mentoring and Equilibrio) who speaks to Dr. Susie Linder-Pelz. Together they explore the issue of authenticity, making sure coaching practice is under-girded by more than testimony and passion. Independent, peer reviewed, published research of coaching methodology is needed. Whilst their discussion focuses on meta-coaching, neuro-semantics, clean coaching and neuro-linguistic programming methodologies, the principles discussed here are relevant to all coaches.

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Title: “Bridging to Authenticity – the role of research in coaching”

Broadcast date: 17th July, 2015

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(103:02 length)

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